National media are starting to notice that things are not all “sunny ways” with Trudeau’s government, especially around his signature commitments on climate and First Nations reconciliation. The movement for “no pipelines after Paris” is quickly going national.

Macleans magazine just published this long article that captures pretty well the growing and fierce opposition in Quebec and BC to both the Energy East and Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker projects.

On Energy East:

Last January, the mayors of 82 Montreal-area towns, including Montreal Mayor Coderre, formally opposed the Energy East project. According to a December 2015 report from the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM), the body representing these 82 mayors, the Energy East pipeline would present an “imbalance between the considerable environmental and security risks and weak economic impacts for the Greater Montreal region.” (The project will generate about 33 permanent jobs in Quebec once built, according to NEB filings.)

On Kinder Morgan:

About 91 per cent of the 651 presenters were anti-pipeline, estimates Stand, one of the key B.C. environmental groups corralling such protest. This panel hands in a narrative report this November, but won’t make a recommendation. Karen Mahon, Stand’s Canadian director, says it’s dangerous for the Liberals to have so blithely offered up a platform for grievances. “Asking someone what they think, and then not taking into account what they said to you, is actually a way to manufacture dissent,” she says.

“Will Kinder Morgan become Trudeau’s Clayoquot? It’s a very similar feeling, a good government trying to please everybody. But in some places that’s just not possible.”

Our thoughts exactly! Pipeline fighters looking for good news will enjoy reading the full article on the Macleans website.